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The Flight Simulator

The ATO EXIN Aviation School has an FNPT II flight stimulator, which is mainly used for training sessions and for coaching in instrument-guided flights with no ground visibility.

It is possible to set the simulator for various weather conditions such as various degrees of overcast, visibility, cloud base, intensity and direction of the wind at ground level and at various heights, turbulence, icing, day, night and various simulated instrument malfunctions, as well as plane engine failures.

All these set-ups can also be changed during flight. The stimulator has a coloured terrain-visualisation system and a visualisation of all the airports in Europe displayed from three projectors on screens.

The simulator can work in the mode of one-engine plane with retractable gear and controllable propeller; if it is the Cessna 172 RG, or it can be set in the mode of a two-engine plane – the Piper Seneca III.

The simulator has the FSTD qualification certificate for a training-level FNPT II flight simulator issued by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The scope of the training

  1. Practical training for the PPL(A) licence for tourist-plane pilots.

  2. Practical training for the CPL(A) licence for professional-plane pilots

  3. Practical training required to gain authorisation for the performance of IR(A)SE and IR(A)ME instrument-guided flights.

  4. Practical training for the qualification of training instructor on STI(A) synthetic instruments

Every client may come and perform a flight on our simulator after a phone arrangement.

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