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About us

The ATO Exin Aviation School was founded at the beginning of this century within Exin Sp. z o.o., which has operated since the beginning of the 1990s in response to the rapidly growing interest in all types of aviation training. In the first period of operation we mainly concentrated on organising theoretical courses in the field needed to obtain the qualifications to be tourist, professional or airline pilots. In the subsequent years we developed the  training facility, acquiring successive planes.

Currently, the ATO Exin Aviation School has three Cessna 152-type planes, one 150 and one Piper Arrow PA-28. In the year 2009 we bought the ELITE S812 FNTP II flight simulator. It has the FSTD European qualification certificate for a training-flight simulator device. The Device is configured for two types of planes – the Cessna 172 RG (single engine) and the Piper Seneca III (multi-engine).

We have training facilities and an air shed located on the grounds of the Świdnik airfield. This allows us to train pilots and candidates for pilots in the full range, from PPL(A), CPL(A), IR(A), MEP(L) to ATPL(A) – theory. Due to the establishment of the public-transport airport Lublin – EPLB, equipped with navigational aids such as ILS and VOR, we can provide IFR training in controlled flights right in our place. Training sessions in the IFR category are conducted without connecting flights to other airports.

Our strength lies in the experienced professional staff of theoretical and practical training instructors recruited both from “small” and the “big” aviation. This is reflected in the high rate of state exams passed by graduates of our School. All interested in improving their qualifications, as well as those wishing to experience the aviation adventure for the first time, are warmly invited to the ATO Exin Aviation School If you ask about training, you will receive a tailored package plus a free bonus!

Use it and open your doors to the piloting career.

Use the opportunity to expand your flying experience as pilot-in-command. Our advantage  is the possibility to gain other qualifications required for the CPL/ATPL. Use the numerous and technically fit fleet at advantageous

Prices are set individually. depending on the qualifications held by the clients and on their expectations. To discuss prices please contact us.

The history of EXIN

The history of EXIN Sp. z o.o – on of the first private aviation companies in Poland established in January 1991. At the beginning the company provided services using Mi-2 helicopters, such as extinguishing fires in Portugal, spectator flights and construction-lifting tasks with the use of helicopters (e.g. the installation of the figure of the billy goat on the top of Lublin Town Hall). In the autumn of 1992 we launched charter flights for the DHL courier company with the L-410 Turbojet aircraft, and two years later we replaced it with the larger Antonov An-26. At the peak of our operations we used 6 own aircraft of this type and the fruitful co-operation with DHL was conducted on the following regular routes: Katowice-Liege, Gdańsk- Berlin, Katowice-Berlin, Gdańsk-Leipzig, Katowice-Leipzig, Tallin-Helsinki, Marseille-Nice, Copenhagen-Stavanger, Bordeaux-Nantes

In 1996 we serviced the Granada-Dakar raid in Africa and in 1997 we launched ad-hoc charter flights for international clients. In the years 2001-2004 we performed flights for the TNT courier companies. In 2006 we performed regular flights for the Swedish Mail and the British Royal Mail.

In 2012 we rented out one of our An-26 planes for the production of the feature film “Bilet na Księżyc” (A Ticket to the Moon) starring Anna Przybylska.

At the beginning of the 21st Century, in response to the needs of the aviation market, Exin Sp. z o.o. launched training activities. Pilots trained from scratch at out our school are now flying the skies all over the world.


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